Quality and speed

Quality and speed. Sounds like a contradiction, but we can do this. W
 e make all possible orthodontic removable and fixed appliances, where skill and pleasure in the making are key. W
 e use the latest proven technology. Our traditional way of working, supported by our continuous innovation with modern techniques, makes this occupation for us still the best there is.Our techniquel team have a critical eye for detail, for only then you can guarantee the quality you expect from us as a specialist. Through our open and personal approach, we can provide customized products with the right quality. D
 o you require any personal modifications for removable or fixed appliances, we can easily apply this.

We make

  • All orthodontic removable and fixed appliances
  • Indirect bonding appliance, labial, lingual.
  • Reprositie, Relaxation and Stabilizing Levitation splints.
  • Placing microchips in removable orthodontic appliances.
  • Snoring appliances 3D models (digitization upcoming).
  • Innovation orthodontics

Everything custom made!

We supply all orthodontic materials

Ortho Regulation is not only expert in making all orthodontic appliances.Also for many supplies you can contact us. We have miscellaneous products of well known brands in our webshop. You cannot find what you are looking for? We can deliver customized equipment and products needed within your practice.Through good agreements with suppliers, we can supply many brands of materials and instruments. Tell us what you require and we will always find a suitable solution. For more information about materials and equipment you can always send an e-mail or give us a call.

Common goal; a beautiful and healthy smile.